The Whispering of Lambent Feathers

My own kind of Oz

Out For A Walk


mixed media collage on 8×10 canvas panel

 I’ve had the idea for this piece in my head since I last posted.  I had the wings, the window and the fish. Then I went looking and found the girl and the dandelion blossom.  The window is a photograph I took last fall printed on regular ink jet printer paper.  I like incorporating prints of my photographs into my art because I feel like it adds another dimension of myself to the piece.  I did the background with acrylics, twinkling h20’s, pearls and alcohol inks and gesso, then collaged in the pieces and overstamped some script.  

 I’m really pleased with the way this one finished up, more so every time that I look at it. I’ve already had thoughts of keeping it for myself and have even imagined her gracing my bedroom wall – which means I’ll probably end up doing just that.  Why is it that we artists’ find it so hard to let our work go?


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 I had so much fun making Door in the Woods I made another, smaller (5×7) canvas afterwards.  This time I didn’t use a photo as the starting background.  I made the background with melted crayons alone, then added the collaged elements on top, added more wax, etc until Iwas happy with what I had. 

The theme for this piece ended up being a homage to Alice in Wonderland, because after I altered the picture of the little girl and wax-adhered it to the canvas I thought that Alice might have looked like that in real life, and because I’m a huge fan of Alice.  I see alot of myself in Alice, an awful lot.  It’s no wonder I have such a strong affinity for her.  So with that idea in mind, I began to add a few pivotal characters from Wonderland.  My favorite character is the worm that smokes the hookah, but I couldn’t find the image I wanted so I did without.  But I did get the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat in there.  The rabbit was a must, and I was lucky to find a good image of him. 

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Door in the Woods

door in the woods

This is an 8×10 canvas panel with collage, bees wax, crayons and markers.   I’ve been wanting to try incorporating wax (bees and crayons)  into my collages for some time now so today I finally sat down and got busy.  I really like the translucent quality of the wax, and how you can create textures and blends of colors. 

As far as the theme goes, it wasn’t planned.  I wanted to do something with a door and I had a photograph I’d taken on a foggy day recently that I thought would make an ethereal, interesting background.  Well, that’s how it started.  I printed the photo on paper in 6×8 size, then I went over the trees with wax, but the white fog areas have been replaces by melted crayon and collaged images.  So the photograph ended up becoming non-existent, except for the trees. 

 I like combining my photography with found images – the photos give me a starting point for mood and possible theme.  Thing is, even when I plan out an art piece it rarely ends up with the original vision I had for it.  This piece was an exception – almost.  As I started adding the collaged elements, the piece seemed to take on a life of its own.  I find that happens alot when I make art.  And many times, there is that moment of serendipity when I find an unexpected element to add that becomes a new focal point, like the small child I placed over the woman’s right eye.  I love it when things like that happen, it’s the coolest thing.

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I have no idea….

We'll Always Have Paris

This piece is another 6×8 canvas panel that incorporates collage, acrylics, stamping and altered art.   I had just finished Tree Man and I still had some creative juice left so I started another panel and this is what emerged.  I’m not quite sure yet where it came from and what it means (in a personal way), but out it did and I pretty much like it.  I think my imagination just went into overdrive with this.  I kept imagining pre-wartime France, a tourist and a madamoiselle having a few illicit rendevous, and his memories of her many years later.  A romantic notion of an idea, if you will.  Where it came from, nobody knows.  Perhaps I was just channeling a past life….

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Serendipity is a good thing…

 Tree Man

 Tree Man started as a photo I took recently, then evolved into a 6×8 canvas panel. I made an ink jet print of the photo and gesso’ed  it onto a canvas panel I had already painted a background on. I also used acrylics, inks and stamping to complete the piece.  This piece went together really fast – a few hours saw it’s completion. 

But there’s a story behind this piece (isn’t there always?). 

I had painted the black and white background on the canvas panel months ago and then had no idea what to do next with it, so it just sat and waited.  Then a week ago I got myself out for a camera walkabout.  It was very gray and foggy that morning before the sun broke through, and I took a bunch of pictures of a foggy lake.  One of them, by accident, came up turned the wrong way when I loaded it into my photo editor.  I was struck by the haunting quality of that shot because it looked like a bearded man who’d sprouted tree branch wings.  Hence the name “Tree Man” sprang to mind. 

Then last night when I was looking through some of my art papers and unfinished works, I came across the unfinished b&w panel, and inspiration gave birth the idea of collaging the photo onto the panel.  So, today I sat down without a definite plan or idea of what I wanted to do but the piece seemed to finish itself as I sat and played. 

 I love it when a piece comes together this way – in such a serendipitous fashion.  It’s one of the things I love about making art.  I find that when I sit down to create, my art has a way of creating itself – as if it were using me to channel itself.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  It just is.

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A Work in Progress

Secrets Buried In Time

I call this “Secrets Buried In Time,” and it’s a 6×8 canvas panel I started some months ago but haven’t yet finished. I ‘m not quite sure what I want to do with this piece next, but I feel I need to bring out more of the collaged and stamped objects. Right now, it feels too soft focus to me. The objects don’t pop. I also want to incorporate more ideas into the theme of what I already have – if that makes any sense – to clarify what the work is saying.

My artwork is such an intuitive process that I find it difficult sometimes to verbalize and communicate about a piece I’m working on, or have finished. I wonder if any other artists feel the same way, or if it’s just me. I think my lack of formal training hinders me in this respect, as I lack the formal art-speak of technique.

I make what I feel – and that’s usually quite a lot! I’ve been blessed with a huge creative imagination that has, at times (and mostly when I was younger) gotten me into all sorts of trouble. But in retrospect, that only made more fodder for the creative flame that burns within.

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Well, well, well….

By sheer dumb luck I came across a weblog named Artwords and Lo! and Behold!  there it was – a photo of some book markers I made recently for a swap at  Wow, I am so jazzed!  If you want to take a look-see here it is.

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