The Whispering of Lambent Feathers

My own kind of Oz

Out For A Walk


mixed media collage on 8×10 canvas panel

 I’ve had the idea for this piece in my head since I last posted.  I had the wings, the window and the fish. Then I went looking and found the girl and the dandelion blossom.  The window is a photograph I took last fall printed on regular ink jet printer paper.  I like incorporating prints of my photographs into my art because I feel like it adds another dimension of myself to the piece.  I did the background with acrylics, twinkling h20’s, pearls and alcohol inks and gesso, then collaged in the pieces and overstamped some script.  

 I’m really pleased with the way this one finished up, more so every time that I look at it. I’ve already had thoughts of keeping it for myself and have even imagined her gracing my bedroom wall – which means I’ll probably end up doing just that.  Why is it that we artists’ find it so hard to let our work go?


March 1, 2007 - Posted by | altered art, collage, mixed media


  1. I think it’s lovely…soothing in a quirky way. 🙂

    Comment by miriam | March 3, 2007

  2. thank you! and yes, it’s a bit odd, but then again I like odd.

    Comment by cookala | March 4, 2007

  3. Yes the quirky definitely works here…

    Comment by Crafty Green Poet | March 5, 2007

  4. This has such a dreamy mystical quality…a flight of imaginative fancy!

    Comment by carla | March 5, 2007

  5. CGP – thanks for commenting – glad you think it all hangs together well!

    Carla – thank you, and that’s exactly what this was! 😉

    Comment by egrobeck | March 5, 2007

  6. I come looking at your “home” entry for IMT. But I like all your art very much . Your a great artist for sure!!!

    Comment by Julia | March 7, 2007

  7. Julia, thanks so much for your kind words. I’m ear-to-ear!

    Comment by cookala | March 7, 2007

  8. the new blog. Your art is wonderful. I own several original Cookalas!! How cool


    Comment by Shelley | March 30, 2007

  9. heya, Shelley! I’m happy you took the time to visit the new blog 🙂 thank you! I’ve been too busy of late to make new art other than atcs, but it’s been on my mind to do so soon. I’ve got an idea I’m fermenting for a new canvas, I think maybe an 8×10 that I want to incorporate a resist into.

    Comment by Eileen | March 31, 2007

  10. Really like this piece! Love the dreamy and soft qualities of it.


    Comment by Paulette | April 15, 2007

  11. lovely – at first i thought she was walking the fish; wonderful colors and overall effects

    Comment by AscenderRisesAbove | June 23, 2007

  12. thanks so much. been awhile since I’ve made art larger than ATCs, I’m afraid. been very busy – life has intruded. hoping to get back to larger pieces soon!

    Comment by Eileen Grobeck | June 25, 2007

  13. I just stumbled across your site and “Out for a Walk”…love the colors…and the whole composition really! Very cool! I’ll be visiting your site again.


    Comment by Misty Frederick | March 31, 2008

  14. Hi, Misty – welcome! thank you so much! I don’t have alot of time these days to keep my blogs up to date, but if you want to see my latest artwork visit my flickr site (there’s a link to the right). I have problems getting to blogger sites, but I will visit the second site you listed. thanks for commenting!!

    Comment by cookala | March 31, 2008

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